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The story behind the brand.


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Who is Philipe George?

Philipe George has traveled the world. He is a self-made man. Surrounded by the pleasant things in life: good food, great wines, fine cigars, luxury hotels, classical music, old-timers, and last but not least: amazing women. When Philipe George enters a room, he captures the attention. He leaves an impression. He is inspired by his travels. The designs reflect his inspiration.

About the brand

Jeans for gentlemen. Amsterdam Couture. Exclusive menswear. Upstream design through experimenting and research.

Brand Icons




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The 004 Collection

Substitute the chino or suit trousers for classy decorative jeans. Ton-sur-ton. We make jeans wearable at all occasions and venues. Refined wearability.

The jeans were made inside the lab of an Italian company, through the fusion of technological development and tailoring traditions. The lab is located on the Adriatic coast in the Val Vibrata area. Known for the production of specialized high-quality jeans and pants. Philipe George values craftsmanship.

Our limited editions are manually modified, post-production, at our Dutch denim atelier. The skills and creativity of our girls team result in unique jeans every time. Never get bored!