Grand Cru Triple Wash


The stonewashed blue jeans. The blue collection. Influenced by Philipe George’s fascination for small organisms. Insect buttons.

Embroidered waistband patch
Antique-silver tinted enamel insect buttons
Landscape lining


[Fit] Regular, five pocket design.
[Materials] Cotton 98%, Elastan 2%.
[Origin] Designed in The Netherlands, made in Italy.

Care Instructions

With special character comes special care:

The Story

[Buttons] Inspired by small organisms, Philipe George incorporated insects in the antique-silver tinted buttons. The blue enamel filling represents the indigo pigment used in origin of denim.
[Lining] Philipe George loves nature. Human and animal. Flora and Fauna. Where love and survival meet: serenity. Feel free to cut out the lining to create two pochettes. One for you, one to give away. Rebirth of style. Recycling of art.


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