Jeans for ever.

March 2019

Fifty years ago, I wore my first jeans! A ‘spijkerbroek’, as the Dutch call them. After a good year of wailing and whining I was finally allowed to buy the coveted jeans: A Levi’s. Yeah, even back then the life of a young adolescent knows some tough challenges.
I have been wearing jeans for fifty years now. Fifty years! I cannot live without them anymore. As far as I can tell, the same goes for nearly all Dutchmen. It is then when you read that Levi Strauss is returning to the stock market. The reason in this for them seems to be in their wish to expand, because the market is ever growing.
That about the market growth, we’ve known for ages in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the denim capital of the world, after all. Something that seems almost natural to me, considering our mentality of freedom. Jeans represent freedom. And one who has tasted freedom will never ever want to lose that. Therefore, we don’t ever want to lose jeans. What a fantastic product for both the consumer and the manufacturer. Such certainty regarding the selling market, when the right jeans are created for the right target audience.
These days, I’m walking around in Philipe George jeans myself; perhaps the most absolute top-class jeans for that limited group of people who really dare to make demands on themselves, life in al of its facets, and therefore jeans too.
Dear Oskar Levi Strauss: Thank you sincerely for designing the ‘spijkerbroek’ in 1847. Freedom-loving Amsterdam: Thank you for being the denim capital of the world, and for having The Jean School, the only school in denim. Thank you for all of your innovations with a keen eye on everything that’s going on in the world.
Dear Philipe George: Thank you for the superlative degree in jeans. Freedom with class, for ever.

Rob Franse
March 24, 2019